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Support & Training

Software & hardware support is available to customers who have products under warranty or who have taken annual maintanance contract with us.
  • Calibration of hardware at regular intervals
  • Training on our hardware's & software's
Also we offer training on the following subjects 
  • Basics of Noise: Sound Propagation, nearfield, diffuse field and farfield, sound level analyzer
  • Acoustic Signal Processing: Octave Analysis, Constant Bandwidth Filters, Constant Percentage Bandwidth Filters
  • 4th Gen Acoustic Imaging Technologies: Beam Forming and Holography
  • Vibration
  • Basics of Vibration: Single and Multiple degree of freedom systems, Vibration analyzer
  • Digital Signal Processing: Data Acquisition Systems, ADC, FFT, Filters, Windowing
  • Modal testing: Curve Fitting, Modal Parameter estimation, Operational Modal Analysis
  • Harshness
  •  Psycho Acoustics, Sound Quality Analysis
  • Automotive NVH
  • Aeroacoustics including wind noise
  • Booming Noise
  • Brake Squeal Noise
  • Powertrain and components noise and vibration
  • Sound materials, Active Noise Control
  • Subjective response, Human Perception and Sound Quality
  • Tyre and Road Noise
  • Vehicle Noise Measurement: Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Vibro acoustics
  • Vehicle Noise and Vibration Standards