Mari Aerotech Private Limited
...resolving NVH measurement challenges...


With our facility we will be able to measure Vibration, Noise, Pressure, Strain, Torque, Temperature etc

With our Signal Processing tools, we can provide the following services...

  1. Analyze raw time data in the frequency and statistical domains... analysis include, 
    • Basic Frequency Spectra
    • Auto / Cross Powers
    • FRF's, Modal Analysis
    • Rotating Machinery Analysis...Waterfalls, Campbell Plots Order Tracking
    • Acoustic Analysis
    • Envelope Analysis
    • Rainflow Analysis, Histogram
    • Sound Quality Analysis
    • Crash Analysis
    • Fatigue Analysis...Stress and Strain Life Calculations
    • Seat Vibration Analysis
    • Human Vibration Response Analysis
  2. Remove noise out of low level valid signals using special filtering techniques
  3. Repair faulty tacho signals
  4. Analyze rotating machinery faults using Higher Order Spectral Estimates
  5. Generate reports

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