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Condition Monitoring

Prosig provide a complete hardware and software solution for vibration monitoring of rotating machines. Individual, multi-channel, distributed acquisition and processing subsystems are connected using standard networks to one or more database servers providing access to both realtime and historic data. Data is available locally and remotely on LANs, WANs and VPN/modems for display in a variety of graphical and numerical forms.

  • Improved overall efficiency by increasing machine uptime
  • Improved safety by decreasing the risk of machine failure
  • Continuous machine health information allows predictive maintenance, avoiding and limiting machine damage
  • Reduced capital costs by extending machine service life
  • Decreased machine servicing costs by only repairing or replacing those parts that are damaged or worn out
  • Decreased machine repair costs by recognizing problems before they cause serious damage
  • Reduced machine downtime by allowing machines to be maintained while in service
  • Reduced risk of unplanned shutdowns by allowing scheduled maintenance to coincide with production requirements
  • Excellent data accessibility bringing data to your desktop either locally or remotely
Prosig Condition Monitoring System Supports
  • Bearing performance analysis
  • Examination of critical runup / rundown modes
  • Data comparison at known speeds
  • Accurate and reliable trends
  • Ability to set up accurate limits
  • Examination of blade frequencies
  • Full FFT processing of runup / rundown data
  • Historical data storage
  • Better control of machine rotor startup
  • Remote access via modem, VPN or WAN
Prosig Condition Monitoring System Detects
  • Shaft unbalance
  • Shaft rubs
  • Shaft bowing
  • Bearing faults
  • Misalignment
  • Shaft cracking
  • Looseness of rotating elements
  • Whirl problems
  • Balance piston rubs
  • Damaged sealing strips
  • Generator shorts
  • End winding vibrations
  • Blade response
  • Hub cracking
The hardware has been designed for the monitoring and analysis of vibration and associated parameters within an industrial environment. The hardware is designed to be mounted close to the signal source thus reducing expensive cabling costs. Communication is via standard TCP/IP Ethernet. For particularly harsh environments the hardware may be mounted in an appropriately IP-rated enclosure for protection from excessive dirt and moisture. 

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