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Acoustic Imaging Systems

Acoustic Imaging System is the easiest and fast way to visualize and measure the noise sources. The acoustic imaging system from our principals are their patented technology which aims at simplified user interface and greater accuracy. It can be used as a quality diagnostic tool to quickly identify the problem or as a R&D tool to enhance the performance of the product.  We Offer Compact Acoustic Holography, Real Time Holography and Large Array Holography systems.

Acoustic Camera

A revolutionary solution for sound localization and an Intelligent problem solver – universally applicable

  • The Acoustic Camera was the first commercially viable system using beamforming to visually localize acoustic emissions. The tool is now used in a variety of industries and has a growing customer base worldwide.
  • The advantage of the Acoustic Camera: it is a light-weight, modular and therefore flexible system which is rapidly set up and ready to use. After a few minutes only, you get the first acoustic images on your computer screen. The software allows a clear, exact and fast analysis of noise sources.
  • The fields of application are as various as the world of sound and range from measurements in the open field, acoustic labs to the use in automation engineering.
  • The benefits of the Acoustic Camera are straightforward: Noise sources are visualized, quality problems are detected and development times are reduced.
Ring Array
  • For use in acoustic labs
  • Available in 32, 36, 48 and 72 channel Array system
  • Measurement distance 0.35 - 20m (varies depending on the array selected)
  • Dynamic 35dB -130dB
  • Recommended mapping frequency 400 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Differential microphones to reach longer distances
  • Carbon fibre ring
Sphere Array
  • Application in interior rooms & Inside cabin noise
  • Analysis of cracking, clicking and other noises, wind noise.
  • Available in 32 or 48 channel Array system
  • Typ. measurement distance 0.5 - 3.5 m
  • Dynamic 35dB -130dB
  • Recommended mapping frequency from 600Hz – 10 kHz
  • Carbon fibre mesh
Star Array
  • Long distance, outdoor and free field
  • Available in 36 or 48 channel Array system
  • Typ. measurement distance 3- 300 m
  • Dynamic 35dB -130dB
  • Recommended mapping frequency 100 Hz – 7 kHz
  • Differential microphones to reach longer distances
  • Foldable aluminum star structure
  • Video with 60 f/s (640 x 480)
Near Field Array
  • Compatible with the AC Pro product line
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Sound maps of pressure, velocity, intensity and power
  • Recommended mapping frequency from 30 Hz - 2kHz
  • Grid size: 310 x 322 mm
  • Works for interior and exterior sound fields and in non-ideal test environments
Data Acquisition
  • This data-recording device has been developed especially for use with the acoustic camera.
  • up to 144 differential microphone channels in 10-inch rack
  • Sampling rate: 48 to 192 kS/s per analog-channel
  • 1Gbit Ethernet PC interface
Software NoiseImage
  • NoiseImage enables the user to freely choose and display a variety of analyses simultaneously: time-, frequency-, rpm- and space-selective.
  • For all Intel-compatible computers under Windows XP or higher
  • Integrated interface to data recorder
  • Acoustic images and films (dB(C), dB(A))
  • Images with spectral evaluation
  • Parameters for filters can be freely defined, spectral function, spectrograms
  • Location-selective analysis and scanning of images
  • Scrolling images for objects in motion